Shredder FX System Explained

A pretty interesting system but expensive as well is available. It is called Shredder FX System. The system is complicated but received  very positive reviews from traders even if the price is expensive. A whopping USD1997. They guy who created seemed to know what he is doing. He showed his expertise in this field. Just read over the few PDF’s that were provided so that you may know how to glean over the system. But as per author of this system, this is better taught than read.


Accordingly, the educated indicators are good for trading. We just need to follow its abbreviations. And absolutely the timeframes 30 mins mean half hour and 240 mins means 4 hours.

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The system also offers automated support, resistance line and auto fibo retracements. The system is pretty complicated, thus confusing especially for those new traders or even the intermediate one.

Puzzle Arbitrage hedge EA Review

In Arbitrage Hedge EA, we can take advantage of the difference in the prices between markets. We buy in one market and sells in the other market here. This should be the steps to follow to control the risk.  It helps traders take advantage of the difference in the small prices. That’s what made the forex market remain synchronized.


The three factors that should be in sync are as follows: a currency pair does not trade at exactly the same price in all markets, market’s expectations vary from different traders and different markets, and the current price of a currency relative to the other currency float with the market. It does not fixed to a certain price or other factors that control the situation. Furthermore, 2-3 trades must be executed simultaneously. If not,  market will be at risk.

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That is the reason why most traders find this not promising as this can only be good for small price difference that means, only good for short term and can destroy long term accounts. They are using master and slave brokers to delay the release of data and only scalp 1-2 pips. It may profit for short term only. No wonder why they would they sell it  if  it were that good?  Something to think over.

PipStrider v1.3 or 1.31 Success

PipStrider v1.3 or 1.31 is a kind of martingale. They can take less dollar a day while everyone will use 0.1 lots per 10k way too high. It’s okay if we use them properly and when you will use pipstrider, at 0.01 lots per $10,000 would be fine. Even if we have a lot of capital, we should not use them all.  Those are the most important things we need to consider to avoid less crashed accounts.


It was tested with BT on GBPUSD. The results were great and all parameters are at default except of the changes which are the trade range changes to 25 instead of 15,  and the MaxDrawDownPct of 100 goes down to 50. The other factors are initial deposit as 10,000USD, net profit is equal to 23,800USD while Max & Rel DD is relatively high as 49%.

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Tried to TF, using no manual, no hedging. And like any other martingale EA, they have high DD. And that is the advantage of using EA, you can define your maximum DD so you can control the flow  and avoid loss and your account wont suddenly get zero. But if you don’t to take high DD, you may opt to change MaxDrawDownPct not just to lose the value but also increase profitability in TradeRange. That is less trades means less profits. If you want to use this EA, better use it on BT with different TradeRange and MaxDrawDownPct. That is a great combination.


Peter Brandt’s Diary

A Book written by one of the top trader in the market, Peter Brandt, entitled” Diary of a Professional Community Trader” will provide a play- by- play diary of his 2009 trading. It offers readers an explanation on the difficult processes and how to deal with it for you to succeed and overcome a such difficult ordeal.

Brandt is trading for a number of years already. He can clearly explain his thinking in a way that his readers would think the way he thinks. He knows how to delivers to his readers how he search for the right opportunities and how he trades in 21 weeks perfectly. His way of  delivering his thoughts is through a diary format. He lets you build confidence in making tough decisions especially if you fear loosing money. He teaches you more using his philosophies in trading, speculation, analysis, trade identification and selection and managing risk.

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Most of the trading books will teach people how to trade but will not show each trade that will include charts, it’s analysis, and a play by play account that will unfolds like how Brandt delivers. His way of keeping a running account of his profits and losses is exemplary and a commendable.

Perry J. Kaufman Expertise Shared

Perry J. Kaufman, through it’s 3-decade-experience as a trader,  delivers in his books his mastery and his best practices in trading that turned his book into an in-depth and step by step information. With each edition, he went through extraordinary lengths ,carefully reviewed steps, compare the scores in technical indicators, charting techniques,algorithms, trading software and trading systems. He brings out new tools and techniques which is very helpful and suitable to each trading environment of the

He delivers the most up to date, most authoritative system and most comprehensive strategies and tools which he made sure to keep up as he releases new editions of his books. It is so handy, providing you with the needed skills and knowledge to choose
a perfect system for you. The market always evolved and so you should. You should be keeping up with the evolution and let you achieve and let you achieve the returns that you receive.

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His books were packed with many examples, especially the fifth edition’s wide coverage includes the newly revised trading techniques arbitrage, statistical tools and models for risk management. It also features Trade Station programs and spreadsheets for a more interactive learning experience. What’s more is it provides an access to a website full of supplemental materials.

Monika Korzec Systems and Ebook

From being a full foreign currency trader to being a speaker from several trading seminars, Monika Korzec showed and shared her expertise and  knowledge in trading to her readers and other traders in her private chat room..


She developed MKS Trendlines which requires a custom trend line which drawn to the chart at a particular time. If a certain time approaches, you draw its trend line you go long if it’s below, you go short. Four of these trend lines called MKS throughout the day. The stop loss is generally 30 pips while the take the take profit is always 15 pips.While MMTS is great for traders who would want to text forex trading system with full support with a full open system. This simple software can give you an idea to help you manage the system which are contained in her book.

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This book will also show you other developed systems from Monika together with tips and strategies which she uses as she trades professionally in Canada. It also shows you a good number of exit strategies by Neal Hughes and Mark Braun. Another great feature of this system is it is relatively cheap with it’s money back guarantee and you will be supported by her through her website. It will also show you other developed systems from Monika  together with tips and strategies which she uses as she trades professionally in Canada. It also shows you a good number of exit strategies  by Neal Hughes and Mark Braun.  Another great feature of this system is it is relatively cheap with it’s money back guarantee and you will be supported by her thru her website.

Mr. Parness’ a legit?

Michael Parness experiences pushed him to learn trading and understand stock market and lead him to write the book Trend Trading To Win, How I Turned  $33,000 in to $7 Million in Fifteen Months-and Here’s How You Can Too, Rule The Freaking Markets: How to Profit in Any Market, etc. Michael’s book “Trend Trading to Win“.


Most of his books contain more of the views and not on the technical side. It doesn’t received good reviews from traders and even considers him a scammer. His books would be great for professionals who only wanted to hear different views from the other traders. This has never been helpful  to new traders as his books were full of opinions and stories and not on the sufficient data and facts which could have helped new traders.

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Traders’ experiences and views on, where he is the CEO and founder and trades as Waxy, varied. From being a helpful one to being chaotic. Lot of them advised to stay away from it. How about you? You may give your thoughts if you had any experience then.

Michael Jardine books using Fibonacci’s Concepts

Michael Jardine’s books on trading namely; ‘ New Frontiers in Fibonacci Trading 2003’ and ‘Just A Trade A Day 2010’ provide tools in trading. Both have delivered trading concepts from Michael’s own experiences in trading and knowledge from Fibonacci basics.


“ New Frontiers in Fibonacci Trading 2003” combines the foundations of Fibonacci techniques, modern applications and his edge on his online analysis. By adopting Fibonacci fundamentals he turned it into online trading arena which is very much helpful if being used. The results were showing consistent success.

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After the success of his first book, he released “Just A Trade A Day 2010”. He again uses his extensive knowledge in Fibonacci theory to build a trading system which is very easy to use. This strategy can complement whatever you are now using in trading. With the help of Fibonacci principles, it will deliver consistency and objectivity in trading. Direct you how to apply the Market ProfileTM and Points of Control, use the Jardine Range to show the key trend reversal, and show you how to optimize exits with the help of Fibonacci’s techniques and how the universal system works.  He will also help you by showing you his own real life experiences that can maximize your profitability with just a trade a day.

Modify MBFX – Better Alerts

Stumbled upon MBFX v1 and found out that this was incredibly great. When trying for about 300 pips for two days in a 6 trades, it got no losses and made small drawdown. But it was made possible through a great monitoring and when using many pairs, it took a bit. When buying, the price would be touching the green line, timing is yellow and the center of gravity is pointing up.


When selling, the price is touching red line, timing is yellow while the center of gravity is pointing down. Regarding the green and red lines, the alert would be  “lvl 1 green/red” or “lvl 2 green/red”, deepening which one it touched.  The yellow timing, you will get an alert in option the candle closed in yellow. Or it may simply turn yellow but didn’t close in yellow. Though the gravity angle is a plus, it is not crucial part of this. What’s important is you know where it is pointing, whether up or down.

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While being used with many pairs, like GBPJPY, USDNOK, AUDUSD, etc, it was traded with 4H while using an EA to take screenshots on every new bar so one can predict the movement of the gravity. MBFX system has gained success on H4 and other major pairs. It alerts when the candle closes. It is fairly a simple alert and you may use trendline to confirm the entry and check trends on D1 too.