The Delta Phenomenon Book Review

Welles Wilder ultimate purpose to found the Delta Society International is to share the so called secret of the order behind the markets. This order is called the Delta Phenomenon. This has been the basis of all market movement relative to time. Some tools engaged here are related with time. This give us the explanation how these technical analysis enhanced the tools used with time.

Even those successful traders thought that they have already seen everything in trading especially in price forecasting theory. But wait till they see this book. This will prove them wrong. The Delta Phenomenon which was actually discovered by Jim Sloman, would show a the perfect order that can be found in all markets. This can be used to make forecast turning points in the price behavior. If you are familiar with the technicalities in trading, you will find this book a very good source of information and deserves to be in your trading library.

But I find the Delta phenomenon not suitable for novice as it contains more sophisticated information which can make a newbie confused. Whatever trading techniques you are using right now, the book will make you see price behavior in a different perspective once you started reading it.