The Delta Phenomenon Book Review

Welles Wilder ultimate purpose to found the Delta Society International is to share the so called secret of the order behind the markets. This order is called the Delta Phenomenon. This has been the basis of all market movement relative to time. Some tools engaged here are related with time. This give us the explanation how these technical analysis enhanced the tools used with time.


Even those successful traders thought that they have already seen everything in trading especially in price forecasting theory. But wait till they see this book. This will prove them wrong. The Delta Phenomenon which was actually discovered by Jim Sloman, would show a the perfect order that can be found in all markets. This can be used to make forecast turning points in the price behavior. If you are familiar with the technicalities in trading, you will find this book a very good source of information and deserves to be in your trading library.

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But I find the Delta phenomenon not suitable for novice as it contains more sophisticated information which can make a newbie confused. Whatever trading techniques you are using right now, the book will make you see price behavior in a different perspective once you started reading it.

Murrey Math Trading System for All Traded Markets Review

You may want to try Murrey Math Trading System instead of pivot points and fibo retracements, then you may do so. All you have to do is to be confident in what you are using. If you have been trading and you are already confident in using pivot points, then just continue using it. Since that’s what it takes to be successful in this field, one should have confidence in the tool you are using.

If you want to try Murrey Math, try to study Murrey’s math in “ Murrey Math Trading System for All Traded Markets “ by TH Murrey. This is a detailed trading book with 64 rules to win the trade. There are over 300 charts/ illustrations which are given with rules and corresponding explanations. The illustrations will give you an idea of the many different formations of any market which are duplicated in the future under the ” History Repeats itself” theory. It teaches perfect mathematical trading system which is very easy to comprehend once you have already set up the ground rules.

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You may want to use this trading system and get confident with this system. There maybe times that the system may fail and then you lost faith and you wonder, will this really work? Trouble may possibly arise if this is your attitude in trading. Successful trading is all about confidence.

The Fibo Code Download

Is Fibo code an indi or an EA? Or is it just a trading course? This comes with a manual system, which is a physical DVD by the way, and the EA on the other hand is digital product which means it means it needs to be educated to be able to have it shared online. Though I personally suggest doing trading manually than using any EA or indicator, let us take a look at this Fibo Code.

We checked the Fibo Code on it’s internet website. You can find a lot of pictures which we may take a good study with.  They seemed to be using one moving average and two indicators as qualifiers and the Fibonacci tool which as we all know it’s already available in all metatrader already. They have used this as a retracement and extension tool to figure out the targets and support or resistance levels.  But then if we come to think of it, they are very expensive as   the fibo tool and the moving average indicator are just free to use within the mt4 platform. You can use stochastic as a qualifier instead and a moving average which they are using.

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Just a hint for you to use, if you notice that the stochastic came from an oversold position and are moving up, you have a close above the moving average, it would go long. So when the stochastic came from an overbought position and are moving down, you have to close below the moving average-it would then go short. All in all, before purchasing something, make sure that it’s worth the buy. Most often than not, they don’t need to be purchased at all as they are just available already and you may save your money. But then, I won’t take the idea out that the video of this Fibo Code is impressive.

Trade Chart Patterns Like the Pros Review

Trade Chart Patterns Like the Pros is a good book for those who would want to trade with price actions. A great book from a writer, Suri Duddela, who really trade for a living and not from someone who make a living from writing a book. That only means he knows what he is writing about being a trader being a trader himself.


The book clearly shows the explanation of the pattern and never forgets to give credit to those who discover it. Spends about 2 pages per pattern , including the charts, to clearly show readers a more detailed pattern but gets right back to his point too quickly.

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He got many examples of the charts which are one of a kind and not yet known to the public. If you are an algorithmic trader, this book is the one for you because of its many patterns that are programmable and can be deployed on intraday data and on daily charts. We all want a book that would make us profitable, so I must say this one is a good pick.

SuperDem Indicator Download

Another interesting indicator which can give good results is the SuperDem Indicator. This indi is all about supply and demand. In the chart that it shows, the thicker the bar, the stronger the signal is. It comes with a video which is a very highly recommended video. The video will give you a good idea how to use these areas. In the screenshot you can see that the price is bouncing off the indicator levels.


When it draws the zones in red or green, just enter into trade. The indi works on any time frame, yet the higher the TF, the more accurate it would be. You take the buy zones and sell zones and when the price reach the buy zone you can switch to a 5 pip renko chart and buy on the first blue renko bar. Or you take profit of more than 10 pips or you can wait for the renko bar before you do some exit. You may do some experiment with it, if you like.

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Another important thing to note in this indi is that the solid color in this indi means that the first time this zone hit the price, and the empty rectangle is for when price comes back and that same point which point it’s expected to reverse back down or up, depending on the previous movement. Also, this indi works well if you understand this well. But then, even if this indi is good, it does not show all the supply and demand zones. It is still highly recommended for you to watch the webinars and do it manually to make some great results.

Getting Started in Trading by Sunny J. Harris Book Review

The book comes in 224 pages published in December, 2000. Here comes a book that will help trade beginners how to get started in trading. Written by the money mentor herself, Sunny J. Harris who’s been trading since 1981, she shared her knowledge especially to the novice. The book explains well the basics in trading in any time frame.


More often than not, most beginner’s book answers the technical questions such as “ What is a put” or “ what is a call” questions. Sunny will answer not only the “ What” in trading but most importantly, the “Hows” in trading. Questions such as “ How do I place a trade? How do I select broker and what do I tell them when I open my account? It also would help novice in trading know and learn a more detailed information on what software packages, what computer to choose and what data sources should one use.

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Sunny has been a refutable trader trading with S&P 500, bonds, and stocks for 32 years now for her own account. She is a computer programmer and a mathematician who retired at the age of 30 when she sold her share at ISSCO, a computer graphics software company. She also teaches Trading 101 seminars regularly and has been a frequent in channel 22 in Los Angeles.

Scalping FX Robot Review

It seems its easy to buy an EA no matter how expensive it can be especially if they said a lot of promises of profitability. Not even all EA’s are assured that they work on live accounts even if they work well on demo accounts. And not all that is legal is profitable. Let’s take into consideration “Scalping FX Robot”. It uses a method called Scalping. This method allows mainly profitable trades to be open since the robot should be able to detect where the movement or the direction of the price within the next few seconds.

scalping fx robot

But, it was said that “Scalping FX Robot” has come with 3 different names in 3 different sites. Formerly known as Magic FX Robot. How come that they come in different name  if they are indeed a good and profitable robot? Just a heads up to those who would want to give it a run for their money. It didn’t make some good money when they tried it. It does good on demo account but a big loss on real accounts.

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Make sure to study every time you make a purchase, may it be an EA or any other matter. Study its history and how well it has done in the past. Consider its reputation and history. As for me, I wont buy this Scalping FX Robot, knowing that it was just the same as Magic FX Robot…the same losing EA that comes in different name.

Rob Booker’s Stuffs for Traders

Rob Booker is trading for a living. But he has been doing stuffs (eBook, journal, trading courses, podcasts etc.) to teach other traders to learn more and have fun. He has been doing this for 14 years now.


The ff are some of his work he will share with you
‘The Miracle of Discipline-Discipline can get you pips. (74pages)
‘Trading Naked:Secrets of Top (Naked) Traders Revealed (17pages)
‘Trading the Non Farm Payroll Report Like a Savage Pip Fiend from Rob Booker with tons of help from Jacob Fedje (15pages)’
‘Strategy:10 Low Risk/High Return Currency Trading (13pages)
‘1 on 1:The New York Session (7 pages)
‘Trading at the Speed of Light Maxwell Fox & Rob Booker (21 pages)
‘5 Tricks of Trend Trading (5 pages)
‘The Woodchuck and the Possum:Why most people lose money in the forex market (9 pages)
‘Fairygod Trader (24 pages)
’15 Rules of Trading’
‘You Don’t Need a Trading Plan’
‘Volatility Traders’
‘Trading With Emotion’
‘The Most Important Number in Trading’
‘The Miracle of Discipline’ FULL Version
‘Man vs. Market’
‘Help! An Angry Bear is Destroying My Account!’
‘Chart Patterns’
‘Trading Channels’
‘Bollinger Bands’
‘Stop Losses Are For Sissies’
‘The Currency Trader’s Handbook’

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‘The Wallaby Trade’- from this book, you will get to learn to identify and make profits from the turns of the market. This can be a short time frame pullback for powerful entries with the trend which are dominant. But then, then can also be the inflection points of the big, giant and shocking reversals in the market. It can help you learn how to know when it’s repeating, when patterns are profitable and how to take action.

Richard Smitten book on ‘Trade Like Jesse Livermore’

One of the world’s greatest traders, if not, the greatest trader ever exist, Jesse Livermore. In every angle of stock trading, he knows what to do. He developed a pivotal point trading and turns it into an art form and was the first to regularly buy stocks with new breakouts. Even if he began the stocks in 1892, his ways and practices can be used until today. He spent 45 years in trading and he observed that there are patterns used. He then developed some unique steps placing his secret formulas and the equations that made him know and interpret the movement in stocks with this skillful reliability.


In the book Trade Like Jesse Livermore shows the trading principles and techniques from thinking deeply what the behavior of the market behavior and trends like top down and tandem trading to paying vivid attentions to these indicators such as one day reversals and spikes. The book explores the way he manage his money. One of these is avoiding cheap stocks , and how to establish profits and how to set stops in trading.

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His life may contain some controversy, but his methods have stood the test of times. With this book as your guide, one may emulate how Jesse lived his trading life without fear or greed so that you can simply begin to trade with profits.

Steve Mauro’s Market Makers Forex Method

Steve Mauro’s Market Makers Forex Method is selling a system promoting seminars that would teach his own methods he called Market Makers Method. You can find the system relies on the model of a  market action. Presumably the control is on the market makers, placing the control on the Asian Session as consolidation and accumulation period.


It is followed by a stop hunting breakout  in the next days which are intended for a market direction which was  slowly in the opposite direction. With highlights on the new high or low set, a refreshingly new period on the market consolidation.

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He actually calls it a” bootcamp” which is a series of additional videos for students who are paying. This means that the author is not showing it to the public.