Scalping FX Robot Review

It seems its easy to buy an EA no matter how expensive it can be especially if they said a lot of promises of profitability. Not even all EA’s are assured that they work on live accounts even if they work well on demo accounts. And not all that is legal is profitable. Let’s take into consideration “Scalping FX Robot”. It uses a method called Scalping. This method allows mainly profitable trades to be open since the robot should be able to detect where the movement or the direction of the price within the next few seconds.

But, it was said that “Scalping FX Robot” has come with 3 different names in 3 different sites. Formerly known as Magic FX Robot. How come that they come in different name  if they are indeed a good and profitable robot? Just a heads up to those who would want to give it a run for their money. It didn’t make some good money when they tried it. It does good on demo account but a big loss on real accounts.

Make sure to study every time you make a purchase, may it be an EA or any other matter. Study its history and how well it has done in the past. Consider its reputation and history. As for me, I wont buy this Scalping FX Robot, knowing that it was just the same as Magic FX Robot…the same losing EA that comes in different name.