SuperDem Indicator Download

Another interesting indicator which can give good results is the SuperDem Indicator. This indi is all about supply and demand. In the chart that it shows, the thicker the bar, the stronger the signal is. It comes with a video which is a very highly recommended video. The video will give you a good idea how to use these areas. In the screenshot you can see that the price is bouncing off the indicator levels.

When it draws the zones in red or green, just enter into trade. The indi works on any time frame, yet the higher the TF, the more accurate it would be. You take the buy zones and sell zones and when the price reach the buy zone you can switch to a 5 pip renko chart and buy on the first blue renko bar. Or you take profit of more than 10 pips or you can wait for the renko bar before you do some exit. You may do some experiment with it, if you like.

Another important thing to note in this indi is that the solid color in this indi means that the first time this zone hit the price, and the empty rectangle is for when price comes back and that same point which point it’s expected to reverse back down or up, depending on the previous movement. Also, this indi works well if you understand this well. But then, even if this indi is good, it does not show all the supply and demand zones. It is still highly recommended for you to watch the webinars and do it manually to make some great results.