Trade Chart Patterns Like the Pros Review

Trade Chart Patterns Like the Pros is a good book for those who would want to trade with price actions. A great book from a writer, Suri Duddela, who really trade for a living and not from someone who make a living from writing a book. That only means he knows what he is writing about being a trader being a trader himself.

The book clearly shows the explanation of the pattern and never forgets to give credit to those who discover it. Spends about 2 pages per pattern , including the charts, to clearly show readers a more detailed pattern but gets right back to his point too quickly.

He got many examples of the charts which are one of a kind and not yet known to the public. If you are an algorithmic trader, this book is the one for you because of its many patterns that are programmable and can be deployed on intraday data and on daily charts. We all want a book that would make us profitable, so I must say this one is a good pick.